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The Essentials Well-being Collection

Nurture Your Well-Being, Anytime, Anywhere With the Essentials Well-being Collection

Whether you're practising mindful movement at your favourite studio or finding pockets of serenity in nature's embrace, this curated collection provides versatile companions for your self-care journey.

Crafted with both style and functionality in mind, each piece serves as a gentle nudge to prioritise your peace of mind. From ultra-soft workout apparel designed to move with you, to sustainable totes perfect for toting your yoga mat, these pieces become extensions of your mindful living practice. Durable, eco-friendly water bottles provide hydration for every journey. Lightweight yet durable canvas bags are the perfect go-to for getting you from work to yoga to a getaway in the great outdoors. Our slip-resistant yoga mats offer sturdy foundations to support your asanas.

Every versatile piece is thoughtfully crafted to be your steadfast ally in nurturing your balanced lifestyle, both on and off the mat. 

Combining self-care with care-free wellness, this Collection is here to help you feel grounded, focused and renewed, wherever your path leads.