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Desert Blooms Success Workbook

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Keep focussed! Stay motivated!

This PRINTABLE planner is a MUST-HAVE, GO-TO tracker for all your planning needs! Keep everything organised with this workbook so you can stay focused and keep track of your goals and priorities.

The Desert Blooms Success Workbook keeps you on track for daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly priorities and provides writing space to capture thoughts and all your best ideas.

This workbook is the perfect companion to the Limited Edition Spiral Bound Desert Blooms Undated planner.

Use your Desert Blooms Success Printable Workbook with an annotation app or as a printable file.



–2023 Calendar - the whole year on one page. 

–49 pages, 8.5 x 11 inch/US Letter

–Top 3 goals for the year 

–Daily Planner x7 pages- one for each day of the week 

–Success Timeline x 2 pages. Outline the steps you plan to take to make your goals a reality and map these over time. Small steps lead to big results!

–Tasks x 2pages. We all have them, but writing these down can help keep you focused and stay on track! 

–Habit Tracker x 4pages. Changing a habit takes time. Sustaining new habit or habits over time is the key to success! And writing the down lets you SEE your progress!

–Plan your week - Daily Tasks x 7 pages. The best way to get stuff done is to get it on your list! Capture the main ones in the space provided.

–Quarterly goals- planning for the year pages. Thinking in terms of quarterly goals helps to keep things manageable.

–Day Mapper- x 7 pages: the must-do's for each day!

–Weekly Review x 4 pages- one month: identifying what works and what doesn't is the best way to get clear on strengths, weaknesses, and areas to improve on.

–Monthly Planner x 4pages. Break your goals into weeks to get the big picture.

–Brainstorm - uncover your best ideas x 2 pages. Write it down! Then make it happen! Brainstorming is known to be one of the best ways to get those creative ideas flowing!

–Notes- Write down your dreams x 2 pages. Never lose sight of your dreams! And if you write them down, you never will!

–Wins- list successes to remind yourself how wonderful you are and how far you've come! x1 page. NEVER forget this!


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