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Self Love | Self Care | Inspirational Colouring Book | Digital Download | Instant Download | iPad | Printable

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♡ ADULT COLOURING BOOK | PRINTABLE | DIGITAL DOWNLOAD | INSTANT DOWNLOAD | SELF-CARE | MINDFULNESS ♡ ♡♡♡ Self Love, Inspirational Colouring Book for your Inner Child ♡♡♡ ♥CONNECT WITH YOUR INNER CHILD Did you love colouring in as a child? Miss, the simplicity of getting lost in pure colour and mindful focus? If you answered yes to this, then the Self Love Inspirational Colouring Book for your Inner Child is perfect for you! ♥Re-connect with your inner child with this 10-page colouring-in book created to feed your soul, spark joy and calm your mind! This delightful PDF has ten printable pages of beautiful love heart designs and inspirational quotes to inspire you and remind you how beautiful you are. Be inspired by the uplifting messages as you delight your inner child by filling each page with your favourite colours. ♡ DID YOU KNOW ♡ Spending time colouring is proven to help calm the mind and restore peace. Whether you are stressed, always on the go, or need some relaxing time-out, this colouring-in book is a simple and effective way to nurture your wellbeing. Choose pencils, pens, ink, watercolour pencils, paints, or acrylics to create your masterpiece. No artistic experience is necessary! ♥WHAT HAPPENS NEXT Self Love Inspirational Colouring Book for your Inner Child is a 10-page printable PDF. Download and print out to colour-in with your favourite art supplies, or use an iPad with an app such as Procreate or Paint for digital colouring-in. Please note: This is a digital download, not a physical product, so there are no shipping fees for this colouring book. Etsy cannot download this purchase on your iPhone, so you need to download it on your desktop or iPad. ♥Once you have made your purchase, you will receive a zip file with the purchase-simply double click to open or right-click on your computer. You can use the iZip app or similar to open on your iPad. Once opened, you will see two different folders, one with the PDF for printing and one with the jpegs to use in Procreate or similar. Be sure to save your original files to your computer or iPad and save jpegs to Photos so you can import them into your Procreate app. * * * The Fine Print This product is licensed for personal use only and is protected under international copyright law. I don't offer refunds or exchanges, but please feel free to message me if you have any questions. Happy colouring! Valentine's Day Self-Love Inspirational Colouring Book