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My Safe Haven Health and Wellness Tracker in Black & White

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Inspired by Safe Haven: A Pocketbook of Peace & Well-being and the On Cloud Nine traditional planner, this gorgeous un-dated printable planner is the perfect inspiration for living your best life in 2022! From the My Safe Haven™ Wellness Collection, this black and white printable planner has plenty of room for capturing thoughts and reflections.

This planner is the perfect way to stay focused, help you keep track of your health and wellness goals, and inspire you to live your best life!

What this planner includes:

  • 35 pages, A4, Four Sections, in black and white to save on ink.
  • Daily Planner with focus, to-do’s, water tracking, and your day’s priorities
  • Exercise and movement planner and tracker
  • Self-care Tracker: chart self-care goals and activities. Includes a bonus 30-day nutritional eating challenge.
  • Mindfulness exercises
  • It can be used as a printable planner or for use with Goodnotes or a similar notation app.
  • The planner is a digital download- nothing physical will ship.
  • Looking for the full-colour version?? Get your copy here:

Stressful situations and events –like the COVID-19 pandemic– can turn the world upside down. Creating our own Safe Haven creates an oasis of calm at the centre of our lives. No matter how crazy the world gets, there is a way to stay present and in the moment, creating peace and finding joy every day.

This is being On Cloud Nine!

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