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Rediscovering Joy Workbook

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Complement your journey to joy with the Rediscovering Joy Workbook- the ideal companion guide for your Rediscovering Joy eBook. Filled with reflective exercises and thought-provoking activities, this workbook empowers you to apply the principles of mindfulness and intentionality, fostering personal growth and well-being.

The Rediscovering Joy Workbook deepens self-awareness and reconnects you with your core interests and values through guided exercises and reflective prompts.

In the workbook, you will learn how to:

  • Track and develop positive habits with daily trackers, fostering sustained personal growth and enabling long-term transformations in your quest for reigniting a more joyous life.
  • Identify and plan to effectively manage obstacles that hinder your happiness with exercise and tools for effective problem-solving and resilience building.

Inside Your Workbook: Tools to Craft Your Personal Joy Map

  • Rediscovering Joy Workbook is a 91-page comprehensive workbook available for digital download. It includes journaling pages with prompts and was lovingly designed to facilitate deep self-reflection and achievable goal setting.

  • Available in 8.5 x 11 digital format, the workbook is ideal for use with your favourite annotation app and provides ample space for writing, drawing, and planning your personal joy map.

  • This digital workbook can be printed or used with your favourite annotation app, such as Goodnotes, with a stylus or Apple Pencil. 

Start your journey to joy—Grab Your Workbook Today and transform your life one page at a time.


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